Free delivery, min 15% discount on our product highlights and many other benefits.Always free delivery
Reserve your delivery window before ordering
Exclusive 15% discount on top products
Even more delivery windows
Knuspr Premium Shopping is great. And with a discount.
Premium membership frees up your hands. We always deliver the purchase free of charge and with priority.

Benefits of Premium membership

  • Delivery is always FREE
    You get priority delivery and it's free. Every day, if you like
  • Same-day delivery guarantee
    Be sure to get a free delivery window when ordering before 5pm*
  • Member discounts 15–20%
    Exclusive 15% discount on selected products
  • More flexibility
    Choose from even more available delivery windows

The pinnacle of shopping

7,500 of our customers.

Join us!

1 month membership – € 9.90 30 days to try

Another benefits

  • You can finally also do smaller purchases: From the minimum order value, your purchase is free from now on.
  • Around 20% of our capacities are exclusively held back for our premium members, so you can choose from even more available delivery times.
  • You can book your delivery time before you shop

Do you need clarity?

What are the membership periods?
You can subscribe for a month or for a year. You always pay in advance, for the whole period. If you choose the yearly subscription, you save two months.
How can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel in two clicks. You'll have access to the benefits for the rest of your subscription period (a month or a year).
What if Knuspr Premium doesn’t suit me?
If you aren't satisfied with the service within the first 30 days, we'll refund your full membership fee as credits to your Knuspr account.
What are the conditions for free delivery?
Free delivery applies to all orders. Please note that the minimum order value applies to all our orders.
How do I use the additional delivery windows?
For every delivery window, we hold back some capacity for premium members. Just look out for the blue crown in the overview of delivery times.
How can I use the premium discounts?
As a premium member, you will automatically see and be charged with the discounted price. Every product with a blue discount marking is discounted just for you.
What is the same-day delivery guarantee?
Every day, we hold back around 20% of our delivery windows for premium members, so you can be sure to find a delivery window for the same day when ordering before 5pm